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After you have posted your message on the AZGenWeb's queries forum, you'll want to take advantage of additional avenues off this site.  They are the mailing lists and the message boards.

The quickest way to make progress in genealogical research is to connect with someone who is further along or is more experienced than you are. Keep in mind that a large part of the fun of genealogy is the relationships you develop with people along the way. Be kind, courteous, helpful, slow to take offense, and quick to forgive, and you will be rewarded.


  • Mailing Lists, a.k.a. Email Discussion Groups

    Being part of a mailing list is like having your own virtual research community. It's an easy way to network with other genealogists to share distant ancestors, get answers to questions, request lookups and swap research stories. Genealogy mailing lists are free, fun and are often one of the best online possibilities for filling in some of the blanks in your family tree. These same lists not only help you find information about your ancestors but many times can connect you with people who have research interests similar to yours.

    The following site indexes links for all known genealogy mailing lists, including RootsWeb and others:

    Several others lists you might be interested in that don't show at the above site are:

    arizona_genealogy - General discussion list for genealogy in Arizona.
    tombstonehistory - Dedicated to discussing Tombstone history and the events and people that engulfed the Arizona town in the late 1800's.
    vanishingtucson - A place to share memories and pictures of the Tucson which is rapidly slipping into the past, and the Tucson that is gone forever.

  • Message Boards

    A message board is a computerized version of the old-fashioned bulletin board. You'll find message boards related to surnames, localities, and other topics. By posting a message to the appropriate message board, you create a record through which other researchers can find you.  There are county message boards of interest outside this site.  Use the drop down menu to go to the board (opens a new window.)

            Arizona boards at Genforum

            Arizona boards at Rootsweb.Ancestry

    However, many times you'll find a queries board directly at the AZGenWeb county site that has no outside affiliation (with genforum or rootsweb).  Be sure to use them as well.


  • Magazines and Societies

    Another option is to submit and look for queries at a county genealogy society site. The magazines of some national organizations, such as National Genealogical Society, allow queries in some of their publications. You might also want to check for a historical or genealogical society magazine or newsletter that is published in the county or region where your ancestors lived — it will often be published by the genealogical society in that area. If someone is researching the same family line as you, it is possible that they subscribe to the newsletter and have already posted a query, or will see a query that you post.