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Providing free online genealogical & historical information

The AZGenWeb is a loosely organized group of dedicated volunteers whose goal is to provide online genealogical and historical information at no cost to the visitor. As you browse the pages, you will find some consistent elements. All counties will have an area for you to post queries and links to the state page and USGenWeb Archives. You will also see considerable variation; each page or database is the creation, property and responsibility of an individual volunteer. We are very proud of this project and hope that you are too. If you would like to help, please contact the state or county coordinator for the area that interests you.

What resources are you likely to find at AZGenWeb sites?

  Transcribed census records, tombstones, deed records, etc.
  Local courthouse and government offices information
  Surnames of others researching similar family names
  Possible ancestor photos, and or historical landscape photos
  Newspaper articles of decades gone by
  Transcriptions or abstracts of journals and diaries
  Historical maps of the local area

Not all websites are built the same.  Therefore, one site may have much more data than another.  Each site owner depends on visitors to donate information.  Keep in mind that the sites are only as good as the people who help support them.  Please see 'Join Us' in the section below.


   :: AZGenWeb Leadership Team

  Colleen Pustola, State Coordinator

  Tiffany Flowers, Assistant State Coordinator

  MD Monk, Assistant State Coordinator

  Colleen Pustola, AZGenWeb Site Webmistress

Join Us!

We are totally non-commercial and all information you will find in the county sites is free.  Unlike other non-commercial concerns, we never solicit funds to continue operating. However, we continually solicit donations of information, photos, documents, pre-1940 news articles, and time. Our project's success is only possible through the support of volunteers. Volunteers are needed in all phases of this project including hosts to maintain individual county pages, volunteers to submit transcribed public records for use in the AZGenWeb Archives, and people to share their own personal resources by doing lookups for other researchers. Would you like to help?  To provide information regarding a specific county, contact that county's coordinator. To volunteer to adopt a county, contact the State Coordinator.

The Fine Print

Some information on our pages bear the personal copyright of individuals. Please respect their copyright. No copyrighted information found on any page within this website may be used for commercial purposes without the express permission of the copyright owner. This website also contains some public domain data and data that is common property and containing no original authorship (i.e. old time lists and tombstone information, etc) and is not copyrighted.

Links to external web sites are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or approval of any of the products, services or opinions contained in any external web site. One site we do recommend for your overseas research is the World GenWeb.

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